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Digital Marketing Strategy – Here Is The Most Important Component

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy – Here Is The Most Important Component

A clear and strong digital marketing strategy is essential for online success. However, what is the most important component of that strategy?

It is your WEBSITE.

If your website is not to the highest quality then you may as well give up on all your other platforms. This is because your website is your central location for everything.

One thing which baffled me the most in 2019 was companies and business owners who had a great social media present but a terrible website. Do not fall into that trap!

Pretty much everybody these days uses the internet and a lot of people will be browsing your website to find out not only what you do and what you stand for, but also how you will fix their problem.

Does your website do that?


Remember that your website only needs to be relevant to your target audience. A mistake I see regularly is website owners who try and make their website suitable for everybody. Yet this is not important. As a result, by building your website predominantly for your target audience you will be able to make it far more transparent and relevant.

Digital Marketing Strategy


You need to ensure that you website is SEO friendly. Without it being SEO friendly, your website will not rank well on search engines. You can click here to find out the top SEO tips.

Digital Marketing Strategy

So there we have it. Have you really made sure that your website is at the top of its game? Have you spent time making it user friendly on all devices? If not then you need to concentrate on your website first. Then you can start spending money and time on your digital marketing strategy.

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